Doctrinal Positions of The Good News Church

We believe in the one true and living God, the eternal Creator and Sustainer of all things.

We believe in His only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah of Israel. He was born of a virgin, died on a cross for our sins, rose from the dead and ascended into the heavenly realm where He reigns, at the right hand of God.

We believe in the divine inspiration of all the books of the Bible. It is wholly without error in its accepted original text and is sufficient as our infallible rule of faith and Christian practice.

We believe that man was created innocent and that he was tempted and sinned. Because of this sin, men are born in a sinful state but may live in hope of salvation by God through Jesus Christ, whom God has sent.

We believe that eternal salvation is the free gift of God, and it is received by any and all who have faith (i.e. put their trust) in Jesus Christ, the one and only Son of God.

We believe Jesus Christ is the only Savior from sin. He atoned for our sin on the cross and rose from the dead for our justification. 

We believe that, being in a covenant relationship with God through the blood of Jesus Christ, we experience God’s saving, sanctifying and keeping grace by faith through the gift of His Spirit.

We believe in the personal and imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe in the autonomy of the local congregation.

We believe in the resurrection of the dead and divine judgment wherein the saved will be forever with the Lord and the lost will be forever separated from God.